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Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker


Cooking with cast iron offers advantages over alternative cookers such as increased durability and less moving parts. Additionally, cast iron’s radiant and thermal properties provide even heating and precise temperature control. Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker is engineered for durability and superior performance. The cast iron top, bottom, grates, and single-piece firebox make this a cooker that will last. It is mounted to a hand-crafted steel frame cart with cast iron wheels. Proudly made in the USA.

Everyone knows nothing tastes as good as food cooked in grandma’s iron skillet.
Be a HERO at your next cookout!




Learn the Facts!

Goldens' Cast Iron Cooker

No More Cracks
Unlike ceramic cookers, the cast iron cooker is Made in the USA and is built to last. Goldens’ Cast Iron Cookers come with a lifetime guarantee. The Goldens’ family has been pouring iron and machining castings for five generations. Solid cast iron construction and engineering allows them to truly say that the Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker can go from their fifth generation to yours!

Don’t take our word for it. Ask your Grandma – just watch that she doesn’t smack you in the head with her cast iron skillet for asking stupid questions!

Is it just good for smoking?
Heck no! It’s versatile!
Smoking – Slow cooking at a low temperature is easy. The Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker can hold temperatures for more than 12 hours without having to add additional lump charcoal.
Grilling – Just like a traditional charcoal or gas grill, but with the added benefit of radiant heat which means more moisture is retained in the food.
Searing – The Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker can easily reach temperatures above 600 degrees. Using the searing plate means you can sear steaks to perfection.
Baking – Yes, baking! Anything you can bake in an oven you can bake on the Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker. Anything? Yes… turkey, pizza, cake, chicken, mac & cheese, casseroles, and more.

Getting Down to Details…
The Cooker Cart Combo weighs in at 450 lbs. That’s a 330 lb Cooker and a 120 lb Cart.
The total dimensions of the Cooker and Cart are 66″ wide, 47″ tall and 27.75″ deep.
The available cooking surface is 21″ which gives you 330 square inches of cooking space!

Doesn’t cast iron make it really heavy?
With our engineered spring and hinge design, the 22.5” diameter lid can be easily opened with one hand. How did we do it? One word – Science. We know that usability is just as important as durability. We use our cookers all the time. So we have been designing and engineering with our users in mind.

What do I get when I purchase this cooker?
You will receive Goldens’ Cast Iron Cooker with cart, side shelves and cast iron wheels and high-temperature black powder-coat finish. Comes complete with cast iron grates and searing plate. Price includes factory assembly – so there is no assembly required and It’s ready to cook on upon delivery!


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